First Generation Model Sheets

 Model Sheets produced for use by studio artists – very rare.

Mickey Mouse Model Sheet
Donald Duck Model Sheet
Snow White Happy Model Sheet Snow White- Happy Model Sheet
Pluto Model Sheet Pluto Model Sheet
Dumbo Elephant Suggestions
Model Sheet
Dumbo Model Sheet
Fantasia - Night On Bald
(Bare) Mountain
Model Sheet
Fantasia_Model Sheet
Pluto Model Sheet
Bashful Model Sheet
Donald Model Sheet
Sneezy Model Sheet
Happy Model Sheet
The cels directly below are Hand Painted Original
Production cels and drawings from Disney feature films. 
Each is individual, unique and amazingly rare.
Once these are gone they are gone - highly prized and
intensely sort after by collectors all over the world!
Ludwig Von Drake holding gun
Ludwig Von Drake in
polka dot hat
Ludwig Von Drake in
red hat and coat

Vintage Art 
Original Sketches from Walt Disney's
Fantasia (1940)

Hand signed by Preston Blair

Hand signed by Preston Blair

Hand signed by Preston Blair


Original Drawings from Walt Disney's

Post Master Mickey


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